Bakery & Pastry Brand in Marrakech, Morocco

Collaborating on tastes.

Working with a famous moroccan bakery & pastry brand in Morocco was one thriling adventure (some team member gains few kgs). This project was a collaboration with a some of the best creatives in the Agadir region.

Launch Website
  • Website Development
  • Digital Marketing Consulting
  • Social Media Consulting
Amouage Infinity Pool Shoot by Edward Taylor


monquotidien had no digital presence and no proper branding across the bakeries and restaurants, we had to start from square one and rebrand them. The group we collaborated with took care of the branding, designs, and content creation, we managed to set up a temporary e-commerce website for the bakeries, and market their products online to make sure their clients were able to get their sweet and daily needs without stepping outside.

Mock Up - Website
Ocean Room - Amouage by Surf Maroc

Custom E-commerce for a bakery/pastry shop was one of the fastest websites we developed since there was an urgent need for a quick solution to allow people to buy from home. One of the creatives was able to give us an idea to mimic the shopping experience of the shop since it was simple and easy and we were able to develop this idea to one of the fastest and quickest shopping users experience to facilitate the action for people, and they would do it just like they did in-store pre-covid..

Mock Up - Website

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