Almogar N'Laaqar

Ever Virtual Real Estate Expo in Morocco


Ines Events reached out to us to collaborate on the idea of having a virtual real estate expo (due to Covid-19). We put our brains together and came up with an interactive platform that allows people to experience the exposition online without leaving their comfy homes.

Launch Website
  • Web App Development
  • Creative Consulting
  • Digital Marketing Consulting

Custom Chat System

One of the main thing in an exposition is it allows the sellers to communicate the new projects to interested buyers, our first big task was to create a chat system that allowed the user to chat live with the representative of the real estate agencies.

Mock Up - Website


Our second task was to find a way to make the experience fun, so we went with a simple VR technology to allow user to glide and enjoying using the website. This allowed user the navigate easily between agencies and it allowed more exposure for the real estate agencies.

Mock Up - Website


We built a perfect experience for the users, now we had to build a dashboard that allowed the admins of the real estate agencies to manage the conversation and track the interested buyers.
We also included reports and stats for the admins to review their performance every day and visualize the number of the event.

Mock Up - Website
Mock Up - Website

Our Partners

This project was a true success due to the creative collab with had with the amazing team of Ines Events. It has been a pleasure working with them.
Check out this video made by Ines Events on this virtual event:


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